A. down
B. up
C. at

A. cold
B. wet
C. sad
D. hot

A. yellow
B. black
C. blue
D. purple

A. do
B. does
C. is
D. are

A. some
B. a
C. any
D. the

A. Frank’s
B. Franks
C. Frankes
D. Frank

A. mouse
B. cat
C. button
D. screen

A. has
B. to
C. are going

His way home was very dangerous / dangerously.

We finished our homework very quick / quickly


A. for
B. in
C. at

A. a
B. the
C. at
D. very

A. Are you have
B. Do have you
C. Do you got
D. Have you got

A. don’t
B. doesn’t
C. isn’t
D. aren’t

A. aren’t
B. didn’t
C. weren’t
D. hadn’t

A. are
B. did
C. has
D. was

A. my
B. your
C. his
D. her

A. drank
B. drink
C. is drinking
D. drinks

A. that
B. this
C. these
D. those

A. What are you doing?
B. How are you?
C. How do you do?
D. What do you do?

A. any
B. some
C. a
D. the

A. is
B. are
C. —
D. am

A. is my key
B. my key is

A. such
B. so
C. the
D. this

A. them
B. her
C. their
D. it

A. do calls
B. calls
C. do call
D. call

A. interested
B. interesting
C. interest
D. interests

A. always
B. never
C. often
D. usually

A. possible
B. can
C. maybe
D. might

A. Read
B. To read
C. Reading
D. For read

A. with
B. for
C. at
D. after

A. seven June
B. the seventh of June
C. seventh of June
D. the seven of June

A. in
B. on
C. about
D. for

A. ..., doesn’t she
B. ..., is she?
C. ..., does she?
D. ..., isn’t she?

A. turn
B. to turn
C. turning
D. that you turn

A. the comfortablest
B. more comfortable
C. the most comfortable
D. most comfortable

A. an
B. the
C. a
D. -

A. in
B. on
C. -
D. for

A. in order to
B. because to
C. for to
D. as a result

A. calling
B. to call
C. call
D. that he call

A. Who did you buy it for?
B. Who bought you it ?
C. Who bought it for you?
D. Who did buy you it for?

A. has he lost them
B. had he lost them
C. he lost them
D. did he lose them

A. where is your umbrella
B. where your umbrella is
C. your umbrella where is
D. your umbrella is where

A. am not I
B. aren’t I
C. don’t I
D. am I

A. with
B. for
C. in
D. at

A. many
B. lots
C. much
D. -

A. my
B. mine
C. mine book
D. mine one

A. with
B. about
C. at
D. of

A. already
B. yet
C. still
D. always